The Lodge of Success No. 5486

Freemasons Lodge and Chapter in Chelmsford, Essex, UK

1st meeting of the Founders

The minutes of the meeting of the Founders of the new lodge to be called the Lodge of Success was held at Simpson’s Restaurant on Wednesday the 25th April 1934.

There were present W.Bros Hawkins, Roach, Edwards and White together with Bros Hornsby, Leipper, Turner, Turnage, Sheldon, Parsons, Harley and Pennal. Bro Parker sent his regret for not being present owing to a previous engagement.

Bro AJ.Andrews-Leipper opened the meeting and proposed that the Master Designate W.Bro B.A.Roach should take the Chair. This was seconded by Bro Turnage and carried unanimously. BroRoach, in accepting, expressed his appreciation, and in a few well-chosen remarks said how delighted he was to see so many present and reiterated what he had already said in Mother Lodge.

`That the object we all had at heart was to help the younger brethren who were keen, to go on and not in anyway to clash with the Mother Lodge’.
The first item was then to confirm the Elevation of the Master Designate. This was proposed by W.Bro H Hawkins L.R. and seconded by W.Bro C.J.White and carried with acclamation.

Item 2 was the place of meeting. Bro Leipper informed the meeting that he and W.Bro Roach had attended at Freemasons Hall, Gt Queen Street, London and had ascertained that the Third Saturdays in September, November, January and March could be arranged by the Grand Tyler. A proposition was moved by W.Bro H Hawkins and seconded by Bro. A.T.Hornsby, that the Lodge be held at the Freemasons Hall on the suggested Saturdays. This was carried unanimously.

The next Item was Founders Fees and Annual Subscription to the Lodge. This was well discussed and acting upon the advise of W.Bro H. Hawkins our experienced Treasurer of the Mother Lodge a proposition was accepted from W.Bro Hawkins and seconded by W.Bro White. That the Founders Fees be 5 Guineas and that the annual subscription to the Lodge be 3½ Guineas. This was carried unanimously.

The question of further arrangements in connection with the Consecration was discussed and it was decided that a small Sub-committee be formed to settle the details. It was proposed by Bro AJ Hornsby and seconded by Bro. P.J.Turnage that W.Bro B. Roach, W.Bro. H. Hawkins. W. Bro. W.C.J.White and Bro A.J.Andrews-Leipper constitute the Sub-committee. Carried unanimously. Bro A.J.Andrews-Leipper agreed to act as Secretary pro tem.
Byelaws, the question of limiting numbers of members of the Lodge was discussed, and on the proposition of W.Bro H.Hawkins seconded by W.Bro. W.C.J.White. That when the numerical strength attained 50 or over that only 2 Initiates per session be admitted. This proposition was carried unanimously.

Joining members. It was proposed by W.Bro. B.Roach, that the Fees be the same as Mother Lodge viz 10 Guineas. This was seconded by Bro.A.J.Hornsby and carried unanimously.

Founders Jewels, this matter was left with the special Sub-committee and it was agreed that a special jewel be presented to Sir P Colville Smith as consecrating officer.

Ritual, a proposition was made by W.Bro. W.C.J.White and seconded by Bro A.J.Hornsby that Taylor’s working of the Ritual be adopted, was carried unanimously.

Bro.A.J.Andrews-Leipper asked for alternative names in the event of the name Lodge of Success not being acceptable to Grand Lodge and two alternatives were suggested these were Attainment and Achievement. The meeting then closed in perfect harmony.

Ben H Roach 11
th June 1934

2nd meeting of the Founders

The Minutes of the Second meeting of the Founders of the Lodge of Success No 5486 held at the City of London School on June 11th 1934.
Those present being W.Bro Roach, W Bro White, W Bro Edwards, W Bro Francis, W Bro Hawkins LR, Bros Hornsby, Turner, Turnage, Cornish, Parsons, Harley, Arber, Nicks, Dolamore and A.J. Andrews Leipper.
The Minutes were unanimously accepted and signed by the Master designate W Bro B. H. Roach.

The acting secretary Bro Leipper then gave a résumé of the work done by all the Sub committee since its inception and read the correspondence to the Grand Secretary. The design of the Lodge Badge was approved by the Grand Secretary and returned to Messrs Kennings for execution. The list of the Officers as decided by the Sub committee and eventually confirmed by the Master designate who had invited each Founder to fulfill, was accepted by each without any dissentient. They were as follows:

W. Bro. B.H. Roach------------------------ M Des
W. Bro W.C.J. White
Bro H.O. Dolamore
------------------------- CHAP
Bro A.S. Pennal
Bro A.J. Andrews Leipper
Bro A.T. Hornsby
---------------------------- JW
Bro. J.F. Parker
W. Bro. T. Francis
--------------------------- Ass Sec
W. Bro.H. Hawkins
-------------------------- LR TREAS
W. Bro J. Edwards
Bro. N.W. Cornish
--------------------------- ADC
Bro G.P. Turner
------------------------------ SD
Bro P.S. Turnage
Bro H.T. Sheldon
Bro W.H. Nicks
Bro. H.N. Arber
------------------------------- STEWARD
Bro. C.J.K. Harley
Bro. H.C. Parsons

A letter was received, Bro J.F. Parker expressing his unavoidable absence, he having had to be at Scarborough on business. The acting sec reported that he had attended at Great Queen St but was unable to learn any news of the date of Consecration. W.BroRoach asked the brethren who were likely to be away during the following weeks and it was ascertained that all would be at home during the first week in July. As the Master and acting secretary were expecting to have an interview with the Grand Lodge Secretary it was resolved that every endeavour should be made to arrange for the Consecration to take place during the First week in July. The time to be 6PM if possible. Regarding the Banquet following the Consecration. It was proposed by W. Bro White and seconded by Bro Cornish that the charge for the Tickets should be One Pound. This was agreed unanimously. Rehearsal. Bro Leipper suggested that with the consent of the Master he should hold a temporary Lodge of Instruction. This, the Master said would give him pleasure and the date arranged was Thursday 21st at The City of London School. This concluded the business of the meeting with the exception of the receiving of the Founders Fees, which kept the Treasurer busy for a considerable time.

3rd meeting of the Founders

The Minutes of the Founders meeting held on Monday 2nd July 1934 at the City of London School, London EC.
Those present were W. Bro Roach, Bros Dolomore, Cornish, Hornsby, Sheldon, Arber, Harley, Nicks, Turner and A.J. Andrews Leipper act Sec.
The item Bylaws of the Lodge was discussed and it was proposed by W.Bro Roach and seconded by Bro Turner that the brethren to form the committee be W.Bro White, Edwards, Francis, Bros Leipper, Hornsby, Parker, W. Bro Hawkins & W.Bro Roach.

Re Consecrating Officers, it was thought that some token of appreciation should be shown to them for their services at the consecration. Bro Parker moved and Bro Hornsby seconded that a Silver Pencil suitably engraved should be presented. The proposition carried unanimously and the Act sec was instructed to make the necessary purchases.

Re Annual Subscription, this matter was brought forward by the Act sec who ultimately moved that in view of the fact that unusual expenditure was involved during the first year of the Lodge’s existence. That the Founders agree to pay their Annual Subscription in one sum in advance instead of two half yearly instalments. This was seconded by Bro A. T.Hornsby and carried unanimously.

The founders were then given some instruction in preparation for the Consecration ceremony by Bro Roach and it was agreed that a very profitable evening had been spent, and the appreciation of the Brethren to W.Bro Roach for his efforts, was spontaneous.

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